Don't be part of the herd.


Guerrilla’s BB gas pistols look like the real thing and they sting. So if the perp doesn’t run, shoot him.

Guerrilla Gangsta Two

Guerrilla Gangster CO2 Pistol

This Makarov looking pistol is nice and small to be concealed easily, but packs a big punch at 350ft per second with an 18 round

Guerrilla Police Blowback Two

Guerrilla Police CO2 Pistol

This Baretta Blowback CO2 Pistol is as close as you would ever get to the real thing. With full metal blowback action giving you options

Guerrilla Snorre Two

Guerrilla Snorre CO2 Pistol

The Guerrilla Sorre CO2 pistol lives up to its name by taking no nonsense. Consistently reliable and accurate, shooting at 392ft per second with a

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