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Non-Lethal Self-defense

We stock a range of the latest non lethal self defense weapons. These include CO2 Handguns, Paintball guns as well as the new 50 Cal revolver! We also sell quality  Jet Stream Pepper  spray, Tazers and extendable batons and whatever you would need for self defense.

50 Cal Apintballs


These 50 cal paintballs were made for the Home Defense Revolver (HDR) by popular demand.


CZ-75 Pistol

Specifications Mass 1.12 kg (2.5 lb) Length 206.3 mm (8.12 in) Barrel length 120 mm (4.7 in) Width 32.6 mm (1.28 in) Height 138 mm (5.4 in)

Gamo P 27 Dual Pellets

Gamo P-27 Dual CO2 Pistol

The P-27 Dual semi automatic CO2 Air Pistol is exactly what it says shooting both steel BB pellets as well as Air Rifle 4.5mm pellets.


Gamo P25 Blowback

The P25 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol is equipped with the Blowback feature and shoots 4.5mm pellet gun pellets. This innovative technique provides a realistic

Gamo Air Pistol Pt80 Desert Attack

Gamo PT 80 Desert Attack

Gamo’s PT-80 CO2 pistol provides the unique combination of CO2 power in a .177 cal. pellet semi-automatic pistol.

Guerrilla Gangsta Two

Guerrilla Gangster CO2 Pistol

This Makarov looking pistol is nice and small to be concealed easily, but packs a big punch at 350ft per second with an 18 round

Guerrilla Police Blowback Two

Guerrilla Police CO2 Pistol

This Baretta Blowback CO2 Pistol is as close as you would ever get to the real thing. With full metal blowback action giving you options

Guerrilla Snorre Two

Guerrilla Snorre CO2 Pistol

The Guerrilla Sorre CO2 pistol lives up to its name by taking no nonsense. Consistently reliable and accurate, shooting at 392ft per second with a


RAM Pepper Stream 100ml

4-5m Range 30sec Continues Discharge 25 Short Bursts Disposes in a tightly projected stream to avoid self-harm

R 7520

RAM Pepper Stream 20ml

Discharges in a tightly projected stream Range of up to 4m Small for runners and cyclists or just in the handbag.


RAM Pepper Stream 60ml

Disposes in a tightly projected stream Range of up to 5 meter 15 sec Continues Discharge 12 Short Bursts

Blank Guns 3

Retay 84FS Blank Guns

Retay MOD84FS is a semi auto double action replica blank pistol. Its a famous design. It can fire blank and signal gas ammunition. Due to

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