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Our ecommerce store is live!

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kakuli outdoor gear ecommerce shop

We’ve taken the plunge to provide our valued customers with a smoother online shopping experience by converting our website into a fully-fledged ecommerce shop using a secure and trusted local payment giant, Yoco.

Yoco makes it easy for you to shop and pay for your favorite outdoor gear right from the Kakuli website.

You might be in the market for an air rifle, in which case you’ll love our range of  Gamo rifles.

Or perhaps you’re after a beautiful new knife to use as an EDC or to simply show off to friends. In that case, you can buy your knife online from us.

If you’re a hunter or need a new pair of binoculars, take a look at our range of optics and scopes.

Of course, when you’re kitting up to go out into the wild you need the right clothes. That’s why we stock Sniper outdoor clothing. When you wear Sniper they won’t see you coming!

So visit our online outdoor store and get more!

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Latest news

sniper pixalate caps

Sniper Pixelate Caps

ALL NEW SNIPER DESIGN, PIXELATE COMING SOON! Kakuli Outdoor Gear is one of the first in the country to have Pixelate Caps available in stock

sniper ranger back packs

Sniper Accessorize!

Now you have your Sniper 3D Camo Clothing, that have lasted you for the last couple of years hunting and are still good quality! Now

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