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Sniper Accessorize!


Now you have your Sniper 3D Camo Clothing, that have lasted you for the last couple of years hunting and are still good quality!

Now you need to Accessorize your Sniper Range with:

Ranger Back Pack is the ultimate Back Pack from Sniper Africa!

Or the Stealth Back Pack, which is small enough and designed in a way that it sits snug on your back, that you can wear it the whole day, while walk and stalking your trophy! And your rifle will look good in a new Sniper 3D Rifle Bag 52″ long with enough room for a scope.

We also have some NEW Patrol Gloves in stock. Always a winner are those 3D Waterproof Calf Gators for the long dewy grass in the mornings, or the ankle gators for the lastige klitsgrasse! Sniper also have some Super Snug socks!

Last but not least, don’t forget your Sniper 3D Camo Tape!

Now you are ready….enjoy the bush!

From, The Lone Buffalo Bull…..KAKULI!


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