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Daisy Red Ryder

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Enquire about the Daisy Red Ryder


The most famous BB gun in the world, the Daisy Red Ryder is a classic tradition that’s as strong now as it was when it was designed more than 80 years ago. This lever action carbine has taught marksmanship and gun safety to generations.

The beauty of a Red Ryder that it has a cross-bolt safety—just like that of a regular shotgun or rifle—yet its 5-grain, . 177-caliber projectile travels less than 300 feet per second and is very unlikely to seriously injure anyone if the young protégé has a transgression. The Daisy Red Ryder is perfect for teaching gun safety and marksmanship

Daisy Red Ryder 650 shot BB Gun

177 Cal BB gun rifle with steel smooth bore barrel

350 fps max

Lever-cocking, spring air action

Stained solid wood stock  with blade and ramp front and adjustable rear sight


A gun that will bring you back to the good old days

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