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B3-3 4.5mm

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Enquire about the B3-3 4.5mm


Caliber 4.5mm (177) Length 1100(mm) Weight 3.2 kg Power 650 / 500fps Precision rified steel barrel. Grooved cylinder for scope.

Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption.

The structure is not complicated.

It’s under lever and single cocking system.

  1. Under lever, single cocking system & single shot
  2. Available in .177(4.5mm), .22(5.5mm) caliber.
  3. Precision rifled steel barrel.
  4. Come with manual safety
  5. Metal trigger blade
  6. Micro adjustable rear-sight for both windage & elevation
  7. Fiber optic sights with contrasting fiber colors
  8. Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption
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