Don't be part of the herd.

Artemis SR900S

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The overall looks of the Artemis SR900S are very tactical in nature, which in simple terms means the rifle looks semi-military. The Artemis is competitively priced, and has one or two features that make it stand out from the crowd. This is a high-power, spring-piston airgun that is also a repeater, thanks to its 10-shot magazine in 4.5mm/.177cal and two spares that come as standard. Now, this is something more usually associated with pre-charged pneumatics, so a multi-shot spring rifle that provides around 900 Ft/Sec of power has to be worth a look. A single-shot adaptor is also included for situations where magazines are not required, such as an HFT event. Both the adaptor and magazines are kept in place by means of a magnet. A sidelever is used to cock the mainspring. The rifle also comes with a screw-in silencer and scope. The stock is adjustable for length, which is a very useful feature, and the padded cheek piece is ambidextrous in nature. I found the magazine-loading feature really handy because once loaded, all I had to do was cock the sidelever and shoot. I’m always on the look out for something a little different, and this rifle is certainly distinctive. A ‘tactical’ looking, full-power spring rifle with a 10-shot magazine has to be worth a look if you’re looking for performance on a budget with that something extra that makes it stand out from a crowd.

In the true Kakuli, lone Buffalo, slogan…….. don’t be part of the herd!

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