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Products that don’t fit into any of our other sweet outdoor gear categories.

Blowguns With Darts

Blowgun and darts

Kit Includes a two piece Aluminium alloy shaft in 44″ or 1016mm length, with mouth piece and aiming site. It is surprisingly accurate and comes

Baard 001

Buffelsfontein baard-olie

Smeer ‘n knertsie van hierdie goed in jou breinwortels en voel soos ‘n koning van ouds wat deur sy onderdane opgedollie is ter voorbereiding vir

Spectre Crossbow

Center Point Spectre Crossbow

FIELD READY KIT INCLUDES: Parallel Quiver Rope Cocker 3 Arrows (Three 20” 370 gr. carbon arrows) ARROW VELOCITY Up to 375 fps FPE 116 PRODUCT

Cobra Two Way Radio's Handheld Speaker Microphone

Cobra Two Way Radio’s

Specifications: GA-SM08 COBRA HANDHELD SPEAKER MICROPHONE Description: Water Resistant High Impact Housing Strong Rotatable Clip with 8 Positions Attached 3.5mm Earphone Jack on Microphone High

Cobra Two Way Radio's 10km

Cobra Two Way Radio’s 10km

Specifications: Dimensions : 131mm x 49.81mm x 37.13mm Weight : 65.4g Batteries : AA Description: 2 Pack PMR Radios Signal Range up to 10 Kilometres

Cobra Two Way Radio's 12km

Cobra Two Way Radio’s 12km

Specifications: Dimension : 191mm x 61mm x 38mm Batteries : AA Description: 2 Pack PMR Radios Signal Range up to 12 Kilometres 968 Channel Combinations

Cobra Two Way Radio's 5km.

Cobra Two Way Radio’s 5KM.

Specifications: Dimension : 131mm x 50mm x 37mm Weight : 65g Battery : AA Description: 2 Pack PMR Radios Rechargeable AA Batteries included Signal Range

Cobra Two Way Radio's 8km.

Cobra Two Way Radio’s 8km

Specifications: Dimensions : 154mm x 61mm x 39mm Weight : 97g Batteries : AA Description: 2 Pack PMR Radios Signal Range up to 8 Kilometres

Cobra Two Way Radio's Surveillance Headset

Cobra Two Way Radio’s Surveillance Headset

Specifications: GA-SV01 COBRA SURVEILLANCE HEADSET Description: Waterproof Level : IP54 Compatible With All Cobra Micro Talk Radios Soft Plastic Earpiece Vox – Voice Activated Transmission

20201203 111153

Metal Detectors

Kakuli has two options: THE SMALL VERSION (entry level) THE BIG VERSION (advanced)

Bowie Knives (11)

Muela Raccoon Skinner Knife

The Raccoon comes with an asymmetric and ergonomic handle with a stainless steel blade drop point blade. Muela made this knife for your comfort with

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