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Outdoor gear specialists

Kakuli Outdoor Gear supplies a wide range of outdoor and hunting products and accessories. We deliver throughout South Africa!


Sniper Africa

We stock a wide range of Sniper Africa camouflage clothing. Come take a look and find your new favourite camo jacket, shirt or pants!

Knives and multi-tools

We stock handy hunting knives, as well as a range of beautiful pocket knives and multi-tools.
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Knife sharpeners

We stock primarily 3 brands of knife sharpener eg; Lansky, Warthog and Work Sharp.
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Optics and scopes

Get yourself a pair of fine binoculars. Perhaps you need a new rifle scope? Well, luckily Kakuli stocks a wide range of each!
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Non-Lethal Self-Defense

Due to demand, Kakuli has developed a range of non-lethal self defense weapons to be used, without licenses required, as deterants to criminal elements.
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Air Rifles

Kakuli Outdoor Gear gives you the best performance in the latest Air Rifle technology, at reasonable prices. We go out and try them ourself !
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If you’re looking for pellets, we stock 4.5mm, 5mm and 5.5mm.
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Malboer clothing

We stock a range of Malboer t-shirts, buffs and aprons.
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