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MacJack windbreakers now available

Need a windbreaker (AKA Dry-Mac)? We stock a waterproof range that'll keep you warm!

We now stock a fantastic range of windbreakers at Kakuli Outdoor.

The brand is MacJack, one of the world’s best-known makers of windbreakers (known as an anorak in the UK).

A windbreaker jacket doesn’t offer you quite the same warmth as a parka, (which we stock a range of (Click here to view our range.)), but this brand offers you the same benefits as a rain jacket since it’s waterproof!

So not only will this jacket keep out the pesky wind, it’ll keep you dry!

Although the level of warmth doesn’t quite reach that of a parka, the terrycloth lining inside the MacJack adds a layer of warmth, keeping you snug during those cold winter days.

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